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Real Estate Reading Room [Author Profile]
Ron LeGrand
Ron LeGrand had to borrow money to attend his first real estate seminar twenty years ago when he was bankrupt and running a gas station. Today, he is recognized as the nation’s leading authority on buying and selling single-family homes for fast cash with no credit, little or no personal investment or risk. Ron has personally bought over 1500 houses and still invests in real estate.

Author, trainer, lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Ron has earned a reputation as the best in his field. His one-day workshops are routinely standing-room-only and his Boot Camps continue to grow in popularity. Ron’s secret is simple: his programs work -- as evidenced by the thousands of successful real estate entrepreneurs all across North America who call him by the affectionate title, “The Guru”. Ron is literally creating millionaires all over North America.

Learn More about Ron LeGrand at www.ronlegrand.com

Articles by Ron LeGrand

15 Lessons Learned - (The Hard Way)
At a recent Platinum Commercial Group meeting the group was split into round table units and asked to list the lessons they learned the hard way that were worthy of sharing with the group. Here's my recap and comments.

Flipping Is Illegal !!
Oh No! All this time you've been telling me I could make a killing buying & selling (flipping) houses and now you?re telling me it's illegal, Ron?

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Make Some REAL Money
Everyone has a comfort level in which they live and work. That level is determined by several factors and can be changed with practice and time. We have a choice of what we do each day, how we spend our time and how much money we make.

Getting Radio Active
When properly constructed, radio ads can get as many as 100 motivated sellers to call you in 48 hours. Radio is a powerful, far-reaching medium that can be an incredible source of leads as you crank up your "buying machine".

It Takes Money To Make Money, And Other...Big Lies!
Whoever said it takes money to make money was someone trying to justify why they're broke. It does not take money to make money, and I'll prove it.

Magic Words that Make Millions
I've got a collection of magic words I've accumulated over the years. Most are designed to help me get into or out of a real estate deal. All of them work.

Make Quick Cash on Assumptions
I have found this to be one of the easiest and quickest methods of buying and selling a property in weeks, days, or even hours.

Nine Ways To Improve Your Closing Ratio
You?ve pre-qualified your prospects. They look good and you?ve made an appointment with your lender for the formal loan application. You?re feeling good about yourself now because, as far as you?re concerned, this house is sold...or is it?

Quick Cash Profits with Split Funding
This method is well suited to very short term quick-turn deals. As seller financing goes, it is a very simple technique.

Selling Houses Fast Part One
One of the most common things people fear about getting into real estate is they're afraid they can't sell the house and somehow they'll get stuck with it.

Selling Houses Fast Part Two
The first step to success in buying and selling is locating prospects. Without potential buyers it's very hard to sell houses.

The Power Within
Yes, it's an awesome power you've been granted. The power to succeed and the power to fail. The choice is yours and only yours. What will you do with it?

Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months
We all have choices in life. We can spend our lives making a living or we can choose to make some real money.

Triple Your Income in the Next 12 Months
We all have choices in life. We can spend our lives making a living or we can choose to make some real money. Unfortunately, most people choose to make a living. They don't take time and spend their lives walking over the dollars to get to the dimes. Most real estate investors are no different.

When to Look A Gift Horse In the Mouth
Ask hard questions about why a seller is motivated. Here are some examples of good opportunities that shouldn't necessarily motivate you to buy.

Where To Get The Money... Even If You Are Bankrupt And Broke
When I started investing in real estate in 1982, I thought you had to have money. I was working a job and was broke. Since then, I have learned that you don't need money, credit, or a steady job to do this type of investing.

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