Rental Application Checklist

__ Has not been convicted of a violent felony, drug-related felony or sexual felony
__ Makes 3x monthly payment in gross income
__ No material lies on application
The above points do not count towards total points, but missing any will result in automatic rejection


__ Current rent is comparable to new rent
Current rent is same or more than new rent = 2 points
Current rent is not more than 15% lower than new rent = 1 point
Current rent is more than 15% lower than new rent = 0 points


__ Pays on time/no evictions within last two years
Has never been late with rent = 3 points
Has been less than ten days late but caught up OR makes no rent payment = 2 points
Has been more than ten days late but caught up = 1 point
Has been evicted and set out 1x and moved = 0 points
Has been evicted and set out or moved more than one time = -1 point


__ Time on the job for past two years
Has been on the same job = 3 points
Has been on two jobs, but same line of work = 2 points
Has been on only two jobs, different lines of work = 1 point
More than two jobs, whatever line of work = 0 points


__ Good reference from landlord (for past two years)
Good reference from past two landlords; no complaints; would re-rent = 3 points
Good reference from one of two landlords; no complaints; would re-rent = 2 points
Cannot get reference from either landlord but inspection of property shows clean and well kept; no evictions OR no rental history=1 point
Bad reference from either landlord = 0 points
Involved in lawsuit with any previous landlord = -1 point


__ No unpaid judgements or collections = 1 point
__ No "9" accounts = 1 point
__ No foreclosures/repossessions = 1 point
__ No late payments of any kind = 1 point
__ Have up front cash at time of closing = 2 points



0-7 points = Rejected
8-11 points = Partial qualifier, see extra points
12+ points = Accepted applicant


Extra points if needed
__ Co-signer with good credit and property = 1 point
__ Makes 4x rent payment in gross income = 1 point
__ Each extra 1/2 month rent payment towards deposit=1 point

______ TOTAL Applicant needs 12 points to qualify