Instructions for filling out application


We are looking for reliable tenant/buyers who have the desire to own a home of their own. Your application will be accepted or denied based on criteria that we have found useful in predicting the success of applicants in fulfilling the lease/purchase requirements. We want to have a "win-win" relationship with you. If we find that, based on our criteria, you cannot or will not qualify to maintain, occupy, and purchase this property, we will not accept your application. This is to your advantage, since you should not waste your time, effort, and hard-earned money on a home that you cannot eventually buy.

If your application is accepted, we will work with you to make sure that your goal of becoming a home owner is fulfilled. Please take the time to read these instructions carefully so that we can process your application quickly and fully.

Your application will be evaluated based on a "point" system. If you achieve the minimum number of points required, your application will be accepted. If you achieve short of the minimum number, you may be asked to pay a larger up-front fee or higher monthly payment. The qualifications are relatively easy to meet, and we reject less than 25% of applicants who fill out the application truthfully and fully. The following things affect your score:

Landlord references

Evictions & rental history

Employment references

Credit references


Ability to do any repairs or upgrades

Ability to pay the option fee immediately



The following items will result in AUTOMATIC REJECTION of your application:

    • If you lie about any item on the application. We check all information that you give us VERY CAREFULLY. We can usually overlook poor credit etc... IF we know ahead of time what we are going to find. However, even one small falsehood will result in immediate and automatic rejection of your application.
    • If you have been convicted of a violent, sexual, or drug-related felony in the past 5 years.
    • If you have a gross household income (before taxes) of LESS THAN 3 times the monthly payment.
    • If you have been a PLAINTIFF (the one who SUED someone) in a lawsuit other than an auto accident or class action suit.

Please follow these instructions in filling out your application;

  1. ALL adults who will be living in the house must fill out applications
  2. Fill out EVERY part of the application
  3. Sign the application
  4. The application fee must be paid in CASH or by MONEY ORDER made out to _________________________________.
  5. If you feel that any items on your application (credit, evictions, etc) need further explanation, feel free to attach a separate letter of explanation