Acknowledgment of Notice of Intent to Vacate

Date ___________________________

Mr./Mrs. ________________________________________________:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your Notice of Intent to Vacate indicating your plans to move on __________________________________________.

Please note that this is considered a firm date and may not be altered except by written agreement between Lessee and Lessor.

If you have fulfilled all the terms and conditions of your lease, you may anticipate a deposit refund. However, in order to receive a complete refund several check points for you to observe are listed below. Please remember that your liability is not limited by the amount of your security deposit.

  1. Your apartment must be left in good, clean condition. Pay special attention to cleanliness of the appliances and baths. Remove all of your belongings, including trash.
  2. Return your apartment, mailbox, and laundry room keys. Your apartment will not be considered vacated and you will be responsible for rent until ALL keys are returned.
  3. Pay your utility bills.
  4. Since your apartment is leased on a monthly and not a day-to-day basis, please be sure to pay your last month’s rent in full. Your security deposit may NOT be applied toward payment of any rent due. It is recorded in a special fund, is handled as a special transaction, and will be refunded to you by check.
  5. Be sure to leave your forwarding address with _____________________________________________.
  6. ___________________________________ will not be responsible for any items left in the apartment or storage area after keys have been returned; i.e., cable boxes, telephones, personal items, etc.

We hope you have enjoyed your residency in this community, and wish you well in your new location.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.



_________________________________________________ Date _________________