Move-Out Procedure

An inspection will be made of your residence after all furniture and personal items have been removed and the keys given to the owner or property manager.

Any security deposit which is due to you will be returned within 30 days from date we receive keys back, or a letter will be sent to you explaining why part or all your security deposit is being held. (Damages, unpaid water bill, unpaid late charges, unpaid rent, etc.) Be sure that we have your new address and phone number. You should also notify the post office of your new address so your mail can be forwarded to you.

It is the tenant's responsibility to call, make arrangements, and is at residence to let meter readers in for final reading on gas, electric, and water. If property manager has to do this, there is a $50 charge for each utility he has to be at the property for.

GENERAL CONDITION - The premises must be clean. All trash, bottles, etc., must be removed. Porch/balcony must also be free of debris. If property has basement, it must also be clean and free of debris.

WINDOWS - All windows must be cleaned inside and outside. If there are storm windows, they must be cleaned also.

BLINDS - All blinds are to be cleaned and in working order.

RANGE - Remove all cooking stains from range, drawers and burners. Make sure that all racks and broiler pan are clean and remain with range.

REFRIGERATOR - All food must be removed, inside scrubbed and freezer defrosted. Crisper covers must be intact. Ice cube trays must be clean and remain with refrigerator.

CABINETS - Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity must be cleaned. Drawers must be empty and cleaned. Medicine cabinet must be cleaned. Mirrors must be cleaned.

SINKS - Kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, shower walls and shower doors are to be cleaned.

LIGHT FIXTURES - All light fixtures must be clean and have working light bulbs in them.

SMOKE DETECTORS - All smoke detectors must be in working condition and have good working batteries in them.

CARPET - Carpeting belonging to the residence must be commercially steam cleaned. If you prefer that we have it cleaned for you, the charge will be billed to you. Charges will also be made for any damages, such as cigarette burns, stain, torn carpeting, etc.

WALLS - If you have soiled, added paint or paper to any walls, it should be repaired so that one coat of owner’s paint will cover wall.

YARD WORK - The yard must have all debris removed. In summer or fall the grass should be cut and any leaves raked up and removed.

PERSONAL PROPERTY - Any personal property left on the premises after move out date will be considered trash and removed at tenant's expense.

IMPROVEMENTS TO PROPERTY - Any improvements to the property made by tenant inside or outside must not be removed without written permission from the property manger. This includes landscaping, scrubs, flowers, walkways, out buildings such as storage sheds and playhouses, etc. Any interior improvements the tenant may have made to the property must also remain. Improvements such as but not limited to the following are installation of ceiling fans, bookshelves, shelving, light fixtures, etc. This is covered in the lease contract you signed prior to your moving into the property.

We would like to thank you for renting from us. We hope you will be happy in your new home.

Have a good life,

Property manager