Pet Addendum

( Addendum To Rental Agreement)

THIS AGREEMENT is hereby attached to and made a part of the Rental Agreement dated ________________, 20______,
by and between
the Owner/Agent,
the Resident,
for the premises located at



WHEREAS, the Resident desires to keep a certain pet described below on the said premises and the Rental Agreement specifically prohibits allowing pets on the premises; the Rental Agreement is hereby amended to grant such permission to the Resident. In exchange for this permission, the Resident agrees as follows:

  1. To pay additional rent in the amount of $____________(_________________________Dollars) per month;
  2. To deposit with the Owner/Agent a "Pet Deposit" in the amount of $________ (________________________________Dollars) which shall be held as security for the faithful performance of this Pet Agreement,
  3. To keep the pet from causing any annoyance or discomfort to others and to immediately remedy any complaints concerning the pet;
  4. To keep the pet from damaging any property belonging to the Owner/Agent or others;
  5. To immediately pay for any injury, damage, loss, or expense caused by the pet (In this regard, it is expressly understood that at no time shall the Resident apply any part of the Pet Deposit towards such amounts due, but rather, the Resident shall make restitution immediately and separately from the Pet Deposit. It is further understood that such restitution shall be made over and above any rent paid in accordance with Item #1 of this Pet Agreement.);
  6. To keep the pet under control at all times;
  7. To keep the pet restrained, but not tethered, when it is outside of the dwelling;
  8. Not to leave the pet unattended for any unreasonable periods;
  9. To hold the Owner/Agent harmless from all liability arising from the Residentís ownership or keeping of the pet, including but not limited to any liability resulting from the Owner/Agent turning said pet over to local pet policing authorities should the pet be found unsupervised;
  10. To dispose of the petís droppings properly and quickly;
  11. Not to leave food or water for the pet outside of the dwelling;
  12. Not to keep the petís offspring on the premises for longer than 8 weeks after birth;
  13. To provide the Owner/Agent with evidence of current rabies registration, if said pet is a dog.

The permission granted herein shall be limited to a certain pet named __________________________ and described as follows:

Type of Pet ___________________ Breed ______________________________________ Color ___________________________

Full grown Weight ____________________________ Full-grown Height _________________________________

Should the Resident fail to comply with any part of this Pet Agreement, the Owner/Agent reserves the right to revoke permission to keep the pet. In such event, the Resident agrees to permanently remove the pet from the premises within 48 hours of receiving written notice thereof from the Owner/Agent; failure to comply with same shall be grounds for immediate termination of the Rental Agreement.

THIS AGREEMENT is made in duplicate on this __________day of _______________________, 20_____.